• A Little Sympathy Goes A Long Way

    As we begin May, I reflected on last month’s day session topic…Criminal Justice. In the last couple years a similar theme was addressed: Recidivism. It refers to a person’s relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or … Continue reading

  • The Definition of Insanity

    March is the month for Education Day Sessions at Leadership Buffalo and it is always a good one. By good, I mean passionate, controversial, complicated and frustrating. Both the class experience and rising leaders days ended with a panel containing … Continue reading

  • Welcoming the Newbies

    Leadership Buffalo acts as a “welcome wagon” for newcomers Leadership Buffalo (LB) thrives on introducing residents to the city they think they know. By exposing them to the critical issues and challenges, getting them in front of key leaders and … Continue reading

"The Rising Leaders program caters to the younger crowd and puts you in contact with others your own age at a similar point in their life."
Robert Brunschmid (RL '05)
Managing Director

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