• Making Buffalo Thankful

    The holiday season is upon us! To most, that means time with family, the exchanging of gifts and an abundance of turkey and pies. To those less fortunate, it means seeking shelter, finding warm clothes and figuring out the next … Continue reading

  • BET•TER /bedǝr/

    “Never doubt that a small group can change the world.’ Margaret Mead If you have had a conversation with anyone from the Leadership Buffalo (LB) staff or some of the more recent alumni, you have probably heard “Making Buffalo Better’. … Continue reading

  • A Little Sympathy Goes A Long Way

    As we begin May, I reflected on last month’s day session topic…Criminal Justice. In the last couple years a similar theme was addressed: Recidivism. It refers to a person’s relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or … Continue reading

"Leadership Buffalo Class Experience has changed the way in which I think, feel, and act towards others."
Kathy Hall-Zientek
Manager, Travel Services Group

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