The RL and CE class of 2013 will work with the Food Bank of WNY to benefit the BackPack Program at PS 74 Hamlin Park School.

Sponsorship: (Chair: Carrie Gardner)
Our goal is to raise the $7,200 that it takes to provide Hamlin Park with the program for the 2014-15 school year. Anything more than that amount will be applied to the next year and beyond*! (*All funds raised via sponsorship or events will be held in an account managed by the Food Bank of WNY, that is specifically designated for Hamlin Park School)

A sponsorship packet has been created (documents below) to share with potential corporate sponsors. Please take a moment to review the information and identify any of your personal or professional contacts who might be interested in contributing.

Please contact Carrie if you know of an individual or company that you would like to approach. Carrie will keep track of who has been asked (so we aren't doubling up), and can also provide assistance if an in-person meeting/presentation should be scheduled.

Events: (Chair: Chrisi Pearl)
Chrisi and the Events Committee will plan the first happy hour event for this summer (target date - early August). A separate email will be sent about the event, and any related needs. The "Buffalo Tours Buffalo" resources may be used if we are able to book an event at one of the city's hidden gems!

Susie Pieri has implemented a "Be Kind" initiative at the Hyatt for employees - all proceeds will go to Hamlin School! More ideas like this are welcome!

PR/Marketing (Chairs: Katharine Smith and Jenna Luehrsen)
This duo has created the attached documents, and will work on the following:
  • Work with Food Bank of WNY to promote fundraising and volunteer efforts of the group
  • Create additional materials as needed
  • Share project info with LB community via Dux Soup and LB website

Volunteering (Chair: Marcey Bryant)

  • A Google Docs calendar has been created for class members to sign up on a first come, first served basis. Once we receive confirmation on backpack stuffing dates, the calendar will be distributed to everyone to sign up for a "shift"
  • Volunteer "shifts" will likely be 2-3 hours in length, and in addition to filling the backpacks, may also include opportunities to interact with the students and assist with other school needs.

We're sure you're all asking "what can I do to help?" Here's what!
  • Review the attached documents and identify any potential sponsors. Please share any with Carrie Gardner that you approach or would like to approach.
  • Think of other ways we can raise funds - like Susie did at the Hyatt!
  • "Like" the Food Bank of WNY on Social media sites, to stay informed on all they do
  • Contact any of the Committee Chairs if you would like to be more involved in those areas!