How Well Do You Know Buffalo?

One of the most infamous events associated with the city of Buffalo is the Attica prison riot. What year was the riot and how many people died during the riot?
The riot was in 1971 and 39 people died

True or False - Buffalo is the second most populous city in the state of New York, after New York City.

What is the oldest documented continuously operating tavern/restaurant in Buffalo?
Ulrich's Tavern

What is significant about Buffalo native William Kemmler?
He was the first man in US History to executed via the electric chair

Along with 'Buffalo Wings', what other culinary treat is Buffalo famous for?
Beef on Weck

What nearby town competed with Buffalo for the right to host the Pan American Exposition in 1901?
Niagara Falls

Buffalo is host to the longest-running foot race in America. What is the race?
The Annual YMCA Turkey Trot, started in 1896

True or False: Taste of Buffalo is one of the largest outdoor food festivals in the country.

The first cancer research center in the world, Roswell Park Memorial Institute's doors opened on May 2. In what year did it open?

Buffalo Zoo is The third oldest zoo in the U.S. established in what year?

What was the original name of Shea's Performing Arts Center and what year was is established?
Shea's Buffalo established in 1926

The highest recorded temperature for Buffalo was in August of 1948. What was the temperature?
99 °F