About Leadership Buffalo

Service, Diversity, Inclusion, Openness to Change

Leadership Buffalo is Making Buffalo Better. Through collaborations, community awareness, and civic engagement, we are uniting leaders to take action. Our five programs are educating individuals and providing resources to make a difference. Participants explore the challenges, concepts, complexity and practice of leadership around important issues through a series of day sessions.

We unite leaders from diverse backgrounds and increase their knowledge of community issues, broaden their vision and enhance their ability to lead. Through these programs, Leadership Buffalo has expanded Western New York's social capital by graduating more than 3,000 individuals.


Althea E. Luehrsen (LB '10)

Jenna Luehrsen (RL '13)
Marketing Manager and Youth Program Manager

Marcey Bryant (RL '13)
Program and Alumni Manager

Melissa Hall (LB '17)
Office Manager/Bookkeeper


Jill Holtzman
Program Assistant

Linda Anderson
Administrative Assistant

Tyson "Pal" Luehrsen
Director of First Impressions