Inspired Change from the 2019 Class


A Rising Leader, Cameron Smith, organized a fundraiser at Fat Bob's Smokehouse with the help of his classmates. It was a great turnout and $3,000 was raised in a matter of hours. The event was specific to support a new program started by another 2019 class member, Jason Holler. Jason created a video production workshop class with the children of Seneca CDC.

So, when the backlash of COVID-19 made its way to WNY, the 2019 rallied once again to raise funds for the agency in order for them to provide necessary supplies to its community, like toilet paper, food and water. Within a matter of hours this time, the class raised $1,715.

In times of crisis our City of Good Neighbors is not to be messed with. Our community shows up for the call and becomes even stronger.

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