Connecting Conversations: A Conversation with Afro American Police Association


Leadership Buffalo spoke with Angelo Threats, President of the Afro American Police Association, about the challenges faced within the police force amidst our country’s recent racial tensions.

Based on his experiences as President of the Afro American Police Association, Angelo spoke about the importance of proper training for new officers. He shared what inspired him to take the civil service exam and what continues to inspire him in his role.

When asked about the current unease between the community and the police force, he said, “If the public has this image of us [the police force], it’s up to us to change it.” He stated that change occurs through action. Positive action needs to be taken by our police force, but the public needs to better understand the police perspective. As with many things, it needs to be a joint effort.

You can hear more by taking a look at the recording of Leadership Buffalo’s conversation with Angelo Threats.

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