Connecting Conversations: Insensitive Marketing and Tokenism


We experience marketing on a daily basis. The brands that market to us have a responsibility to ensure that their marketing is diverse and inclusive. But sometimes these brands miss the mark and their attempts to be diverse and inclusive end up being examples of tokenism.

Leadership Buffalo asked Greg Addo and Ikey Ajayon to share their thoughts on insensitive marketing and tokenism. These men have extensive and varied marketing experiences – currently, Greg is the owner and lead videographer of Addo Productions and Ikey is the founder of Believe Divergent and Marketing Content Strategist at SproutVideo.

The two shared their personal experiences and discussed the difference between diversity and tokenism. They explain how the difference is the intent behind the action that dictates whether it is diversity or tokenism.

In our current moment in history, advertising is prevalent and acknowledged as an influential industry. Large corporations have the responsibility to release diverse advertising. Greg and Ikey explain in more detail the responsibility of larger corporations (and all of us) to prioritize and exemplify diversity and inclusion.

You can hear more by taking a look at the recording of Leadership Buffalo’s conversation with Greg Addo and Ikey Ajayon.

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