Connecting Conversations: I'm White, I'm Liberal, But I still have to deal with racism


Pastor Nicholas from Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church joined Leadership Buffalo for a candid conversation about the role that white individuals need to play in conversations about race.

He explains that white persons need to acknowledge the status and privilege they possess by being white, even if they have had to overcome challenges and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. In order to be a helpful ally, one needs to be sure they are not centering themselves at the center of the black struggle. Though it is well-meaning, when white individuals are moved to tears by the atrocities of racism, the conversation can become more about their reaction than the actual issue.

Pastor Nicholas lists four elements that need to be considered for white persons to start to become true allies –

  1. Recognition
  2. Repentance
  3. Reparation
  4. Reconciliation

As he describes each element, he emphasizes that true change will only come from building sincere and authentic conversations where hard conversations can be had.

You can learn more by taking a look at the recording of Leadership Buffalo’s conversation with Pastor Nicholas

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