About Leadership Buffalo

Leadership Buffalo, Inc. (LB) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1987 with one mission: to unite existing and emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in order to increase their knowledge of community issues, broaden their vision and enhance their ability to lead.

Almost 25 years later, Leadership Buffalo remains dedicated to its original mission. We continue to strive to bring positive change to WNY by working with area leaders and organizations, identifying the critical issues facing our community and developing action plans for strategic, positive change. Leadership Buffalo continues to be the catalyst to bring our community together to reach our primary goal of Making Buffalo Better.

LB was founded in 1987 as a project of the Greater Buffalo Chamber of Commerce. A Committee of 46 individuals was selected to research other community leadership programs and make recommendations for the Greater Buffalo program.

"Service, Diversity, Inclusion and Openness to Change"
We are committed to developing the current and future leaders of Buffalo and Erie County based on these values; through the acceptance and practice of these values, leaders are created.

Leadership Buffalo has expanded Western New York's social capital by graduating more than 800 individuals from a variety of our programs. Participants in LB's various programs explore the challenges, concepts, complexity and practice of community leadership around such issues as governance and regionalism, education, poverty, health care, economic development, cultural assets, diversity and criminal justice through a series of day sessions.