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  • Gives of time, talents for the greater good of the community
  • Individual and groups efforts lead to positive change
  • Selflessness drives motivation
  • Inspires others
  • Tackles tough social problems with effective, systemic solutions


  • Aware of personal biases and prejudices
  • Develops/supports/promotes positive relationships that cross real or perceived barriers (ethnic, racial, religious, economic, political, geographic etc.)
  • Personal practices exemplify an appreciation of diverse populations and perspectives
  • Understanding and valuing those human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups to which we belong


  • Searches out multiple perspectives on issues and considers multiple stakeholder's interests
  • Promotes and encourages open discussion leading to balanced consideration of diverse perspectives
  • Has a proven track record for convening diverse groups or stakeholders
  • Champions the acknowledgement of diverse voices
  • Uses a systemic process that fully engages the passion, talent and intelligence of all involved in community decision-making

Openness to Change

  • Demonstrates and encourages a willingness to try alternative approaches to current practice
  • Takes risks personally and professionally that support service, inclusion, and diversity
  • Supports and employs nontraditional solutions while faced with significant opposition
  • Achieves effective resolution when working through resistance to change
  • Is not restrained by status quo, nor pursues change for the sake of change